Code of Conduct

We want all subscribers to enjoy Safe and Responsible Notify and Protect. That is why we ask you to read and apply both the Code of Conduct and the Terms and Conditions. But above all, have a way to secure your assets!

What to do in Notify and Protect

  1. Upload only your information.

    We take copyright very seriously. If you do not have the rights to a photo or text or any information, do not post it.

    On the other hand, it is important that you do not pretend to impersonate another person.

  2. Share everything with everyone!

    Detail your information well and publish it, but remember, do not send spam: no one likes receiving spam!

  3. Follow our rules.

    It is clear that moderators can be annoying. But if you do not feel like following our rules, please do not use our service, as in any relationship, it is based on respect: respect for our subscribers, for others, for our moderators and for yourself.

What not to do in Notify and Protect

  1. Do not harass or spam other subscribers.

    • Do not post or send messages or photos with hurtful, threatening, false, defamatory, hostile, aggressive, racist, vulgar, degrading, indecent, insulting, violent, obscene or pornographic content.
    • Do not spam, do not try to get votes, do not send unsolicited advertising or chain messages and do not flood or write excessively long texts.
  2. Do not do anything illegal on our website. If you do, we will report it to the appropriate authority.

    • Do not post photos or pornographic texts.
    • Do not post racist comments or images and do not insult others by your sexual orientation.
    • Do not offer prostitution or escort services. Do not carry out any kind of child pornography and sodomy.
    • Do not post content if you do not have rights to it. You are fully responsible for obtaining such rights. Notify and Protect will not be responsible if it publishes content on which it has no rights, Notify and Protect I will carry out sanctions in the event that third parties notify the violation of said rights.
    • Do not attempt to hack the website or someone's account. Doing so will receive financial penalties or imprisonment.
    • Do not be easy. You are worth much more than that!

Failure to comply with these rules risks receiving a notice or blocking the page. Please note that in some cases you will not receive any notice. If your violation is serious, you will be immediately blocked from the page. Once it's there, there will be no turning back.

These rules are to ensure that Notify and Protect is a welcome place for all subscribers. If you do not agree, please do not use our service.


To report any situation send us an email to:, indicating the Business or Customer and describing the nonconformity, we will soon take action on the matter.


Code of Conduct version 1.0.0.
Publication Date: 2017/02/28